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Kuleana Rum Shack

Kuleana Rum Works has been making rum on Hawai`i Island since 2013. Having experienced great critical success with their rums, the company wanted to take their product to the public. The new Kuleana Rum Shack does just that at a…

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Children of the Long Canoes

The outrigger canoe — the vessel in which the ancient Polynesian people explored the Pacific — was simple in its design. “A seaworthy vessel carved from trees with stone tools, assembled with lashings of fiber, and rigged with sails of…

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The Hawaiian Wa‘a

In Hawai`i, the canoe is known as wa‘a, and they were vital to the Hawaiians’ sustenance and survival, providing the means by which the people could fish and travel between islands. When Captain Cook arrived in Kealakekua Bay in 1779,…

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Waikoloa Canoe Club

Some wa‘a are still built in this traditional fashion, but the greater majority of outrigger canoes these days are made of fiberglass and used by racing teams as well as recreational paddlers, such as at Waikoloa Canoe Club. Based on…

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A Hawaiian Tradition

Waikoloa Beach Resort guests have the opportunity to interact with Teixeira and other club members simply by stopping by. Now that the 2018 racing season has ebbed, Teixeira is usually there on Thursday mornings, getting the club’s recreational program off…

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Asia Pacific Junior Cup

Title sponsor Hilton Grand Vacations Club invites you to come watch some of Hawai`i’s talented junior golfers compete in the Asia Pacific Junior Cup. The event is an annual Ryder Cup-style junior golf tournament that recognizes and rewards the ability…

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Efficient Luxury at ‘Āinamalu

As the State of Hawai`i moves toward a goal of 100 percent green energy by the year 2040, solar panels, electric and hybrid vehicles, wind farms, and other alternate sources of power have become more commonplace. And while change may…

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Appealing Options

As appealing as they are, the energy systems are but one compelling reason to own at ‘Āinamalu. The three- and four-bedroom homes in this gated community range from 2,994 to 4,126 square feet (including garage and lanai) and are equally…

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A Value Proposition

Prices start from $899,000 and range to more than $2.49 million. “It’s a niche between a condominium and a higher-end residence,” Wild says. “When you look at what you get here — energy efficiency, a single family residence with a…

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