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See our website for more information. Yoga Barre is a modern Hawai`i lifestyle store, a haven for a healthy life- style that includes movement, delicious and vibrant foods, and so much more. Most importantly, it brings people together ... in…

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The Wood of Kings

At Waikoloa Beach Resort, koa wood items can be found in several retail shops. In the Kings’ Shops, Martin & MacArthur has been one of the best-known names in koa furniture for almost 60 years in Hawai`i. The company uses…

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The Koa Mystique

THE KOA TREE — Acacia koa is its scientific name — has long been prized in Hawai`i, its wood once reserved strictly for royalty. The word “koa” means warrior in the Hawaiian language and indeed, the canoes that Hawaiian warriors…

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Experiences That Last a Lifetime

But the tournament is also important for host team UH Hilo, which has enjoyed a longstanding relationship with Waikoloa Beach Resort. “Waikoloa is basically their home-away-from home,” says Kevin Ginoza, who is a volunteer coach for UH Hilo while also…

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Coach Earl Tamiya

One of the driving forces behind the Amer Ari Intercollegiate is UH Hilo head golf coached Earl Tamiya, who has led the Vulcans since 1991. Under his guidance, UH Hilo teams have won Pacific Conference Division II titles in 2005,…

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Aloha Bol

Chef Allen Hess has a passion for Hawaii’s regional food — crafting vibrant modern dishes from local  sh, meats, and produce with a seasoned expertise. His newest venue with a menu, Aloha Bol, opened on Dec. 1 in the Queens'…

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Kuleana Rum Shack

Kuleana Rum Works has been making rum on Hawai`i Island since 2013. Having experienced great critical success with their rums, the company wanted to take their product to the public. The new Kuleana Rum Shack does just that at a…

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Children of the Long Canoes

The outrigger canoe — the vessel in which the ancient Polynesian people explored the Pacific — was simple in its design. “A seaworthy vessel carved from trees with stone tools, assembled with lashings of fiber, and rigged with sails of…

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