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Hawai`i’s Lu`au Tradition Lives On

The lū`au tradition in Hawai`i began more than 200 years ago. When first introduced by King Kamehameha II in 1819, it represented a complete break from the ancient Hawaiian custom where men and women ate meals separately, and commoners and…

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Family Guardians: ʻAumakua in Hawaiian Lore

Many indigenous cultures across the world believe that animals have spiritual significance in our lives. In North America, for example, the Lakota people believed strongly that certain animals were conduits to the powers of the natural universe and that those…

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Soaking Up the Sun

Waikoloa Solar + Storage Project beams a cleaner future Carefully positioned in neat rows in the foothills above Waikoloa Village - seven miles mauka of Waikoloa Beach Resort — 94,000 solar panels and 26 battery energy storage containers strategically soak…

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The Naupaka Flower

A Story of Eternal Love The logo for Waikoloa Beach Resort — the naupaka flower — is at its core a symbol of hope and eternal love. Like many stories from Hawai`i’s mythology, the story of the naupaka flower is…

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Lava, Lava Everywhere

As reported on NASA’s Earth Observatory website, on Sept. 10, 2022, an underwater volcano in the Home Reef seamount in the Central Tonga Islands began to erupt. It “repeatedly oozed lava, ejected plumes of steam and ash, and discolored the…

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The Waikoloa Nightingale

These Donkeys Own an Important Piece of Big Island History The donkeys proved to be invaluable for the coffee farmers for more than 100 years, packing loads of coffee cherries from the rugged mountainside fields down to the drying and…

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