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The Waikoloa Nightingale

These Donkeys Own an Important Piece of Big Island History The donkeys proved to be invaluable for the coffee farmers for more than 100 years, packing loads of coffee cherries from the rugged mountainside fields down to the drying and…

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Bringing People Together

The tagline for Waikoloa Beach Resort is “The Gathering Place of the Kohala Coast,” and it is well earned. With more shops, restaurants, and cultural activities than anywhere else along the stretch of coastline from the airport to Kawaihae, there…

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Lei Day 2022

The Inaugural Waikoloa Lei Day Festival Lei-making is one of the oldest traditions in Polynesia, having come to Hawai`i along with the seafaring people who also brought canoe plants, tool-making knowledge, and deep-rooted cultural practices from other parts of the…

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Humpback Haven

Whale Watch 2022 The annual return to Hawaiian waters of the humpback whales — named for the motion the big mammals make as they arch their backs out of the water in preparation for a dive — is one of…

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A Gift of Love

Tani Waipa Teaches the Aloha Spirit Through Lei-Making So many of Hawai`i’s cultural practices and traditions revolve around the same intention: act with grace and aloha, cherish and preserve the land and sea, take only what you need. Whether it’s…

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The Hawaiian Tattoo

An Ancient Art Form with Purpose and Relevance Today It is estimated that roughly 47 percent of Americans bear at least one tattoo somewhere on their body, ranging from small, often hidden symbolic insignias (such as butterflies and angels) to…

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Letters to a Goddess

The Enduring Power of Myth As humans, we seem to love stories of powers greater than us. Unseen hands shaping our lives, supernatural forces portending doom, horoscopes charting our future via the stars. This is true in every culture throughout…

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