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A Hawaiian Tradition

Waikoloa Beach Resort guests have the opportunity to interact with Teixeira and other club members simply by stopping by. Now that the 2018 racing season has ebbed, Teixeira is usually there on Thursday mornings, getting the club’s recreational program off to a start and where appropriate sharing his knowledge of Hawaiian traditions, language, and techniques of paddling.

“We get people coming over all the time,” Teixeira says. “There’s usually a sense of awe and fascination over the outrigger canoes, especially of our koa canoes. They add so much color and significance. I don’t know what this beautiful place would be like without canoes … they belong on the beach!”

Teixeira praised Waikoloa Land Company for their strong support of the Waikoloa Canoe Club over the years, with the company providing the space and facilities for the club to store their canoes and conduct their business. He also extends an aloha to their neighbors, the Waikoloa Beach Marriott Resort & Spa and Lava Lava Beach Club, for their support as well.

Often, if resort guests are interested in going out on a paddle, the club will be able to find room for them. And indeed, what better way for a traveler to glean a deeper understanding of the Hawaiian culture than to get on the ocean in an outrigger canoe … just like the ancient Polynesians.

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