Waikoloa Beach Resort

Waikoloa Beach Resort

The Gathering Place of the Kohala Coast

Naupaka News

May/June 2013

Don’t go home without it!

Don’t go home without it!

Top 7 must-have Big Island things to take home

Many a great Hawaii vacation includes a shopping list for friends and family back home. At Waikoloa Beach Resort on Hawaii, The Big Island, shopping is easy and fun—with so many stores, choices for every budget, a convenient resort shuttle and beautiful tropical surroundings just about everywhere you look. We’ve put together a list of suggestions, in no particular order, to help you get started on your shopping spree!

1. FOOD. Take a taste of Hawai’i home to share all year long—like world-famous Kona Coffee, available by the bag in 100% Kona, flavored blends and decaf varieties at Resort locations. Your co-workers will go nuts for fresh-roasted Hawaiian macadamia nuts too.

2. FASHION. Everybody loves vacation tee shirts, and you can do more, at Waikoloa Beach Resort’s fashionable selection of boutiques and clothing shops for men, women and children. Teens love surf wear; the little ones are big fans of colorful gecko shirts and shorts; moms and dads are always styling in aloha shirts and dresses. And did we mention slippers?

3. FINE ART. Capture memories of your dream Hawaii vacation in a stunning original work of art and make it a part of your home forever (or just eliminate the word). Visit our galleries for the wistful ocean-scape, the tropical still life or magnificent piece of sculpture that speaks to your heart—and have the experts ship home it for you.

4. FANCY BLING. Are you on your honeymoon? Celebrating a birthday, retirement or special anniversary? Find something that sparkles with the joy you feel today. Explore our Waikoloa Beach Resort jewelers for stunning selections in diamonds and fine gemstones, Tahitian pearls, designer originals and Hawaiian heirloom jewelry. Both Queens’ MarketPlace and Kings’ Shops shopping centers and Hilton Waikoloa Village have made-in-Hawaii jewelry for men and women that embrace the spirit of the islands.

5. GOLF. ‘Fore you forget, stop by the golf shop at Kings’ Course, and pick up a dozen balls or a logo visor for the golfer in your life.

6. BAGS & LUGGAGE. Fill up your luggage already? We can help! Kings’ Shops and Queens’ MarketPlace have stores that offer sturdy, island print bags and more, or pick up reusable Hawaii themed totes, great for taking home as gifts.

7. MADE IN HAWAII. For yourself, from the islands. Do yourself a favor and “shop local” to find that one special thing just for you, made here on the island, with aloha, by a local artisan. Touch the gleaming koa wood pens and picture frames. Toss a vivid batik pareau around your shoulders on a chilly day. Admire handcrafted Christmas ornaments in ceramic or shell. Feel the tropical breeze in Hawaii-made fragrances and bath products. Splurge on Island jewelry or special works by local artists and “live aloha” wherever you go.