Waikoloa Beach Resort

Waikoloa Beach Resort

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September/October 2016

COMING ATTRACTION! Waikoloa Luxury Cinemas

COMING ATTRACTION! Waikoloa Luxury Cinemas

Queens’ MarketPlace will light up island nightlife with the highly-anticipated Waikoloa Luxury Cinemas, an upscale, three-screen movie venue with full-service restaurant and bar. When the curtain goes up in the spring of 2017, movie-lovers will be able to kick back in a cushy leather seat, order a glass of wine and enjoy a first-run feature.

Guests will enter a spacious, contemporary lobby, with a bar and comfy furnishings, including an actual sample of the theaters’ leather loveseats to “test drive.” A 25-foot passageway of glass doors leads into a 5,000-square-foot outdoor lanai lounge, available to everyone, movie patron or not.

Three exclusive auditoriums, outfitted with cutting-edge sound and projection equipment, seat 85-100 people each, the largest offering Real 3-D technology. Food and beverages — from popcorn and sodas to gourmet snacks, pizza, and cocktails — may be purchased prior to the show, or ordered for delivery to your loveseat.

“The luxury cinema concept has proven to be quite a hit on the Mainland,” says Waikoloa Luxury Cinemas owner Tony Dalzell. “So we decided that would be our business model here.”

With an MBA and extensive experience in consumer marketing, primarily in the financial services industry in California, Dalzell was also owner-operator of Marina WaterSports, Inc., California’s largest watercraft and parasailing attraction. Assisting Waikoloa Luxury Cinemas is theater consultant Scott Stalcup, who has overseen more than 100 projects for AMC Theaters.

Since most of North Hawai‘i gets its movie fix in Kona or Honoka‘a — or from Netflix on their home sofa — Waikoloa Luxury Cinemas is a date night waiting to happen. The Dalzells easily saw the success potential of adding a theater to Waikoloa Beach Resort nightlife.

“It’s no secret that, after dark, one’s entertainment options around here are pretty limited,” said Dalzell, who moved to the island earlier this year with wife Maria, after visiting annually for two decades. “Retirement was an option, but we both wanted something to do. We’re happy that it ended up being something that’s a contribution to our new community.”

In addition to films, Waikoloa Luxury Cinemas will be available for rentals, concerts, and live performances. It also offers a potential boon for neighboring businesses, and will be providing about 45 new jobs in the community.